Friday, 19 July 2013

Words fail me... and that never happens!

If you only ever travel to one place in the world, you must visit Ubirr in Kakadu National Park in Northern Australia... but I'll get to that in a moment.
We started the day in a leisurely fashion in this little oasis where we have camped beside this quiet little billabong. :)

 We lay around the croc free pool, and I started to read Helene Young's Burning Lies before we ventured into the small well stocked supermarket in town for some provisions.
Lovely fresh bread purchased from the Kakadu Bakery where I saw the biggest cream bun in the world. I guarantee it would have fed an entire family. The mine workers at the nearby Ranger Uranium mine must like their cakes huge!

After lunch and another swim  we headed off in 35 degree heat, provisioned with lots of water, to the East Alligator River, Cahill's Crossing and Ubirr.

We saw our first saltwater crocodile in the wild at Cahill's Crossing while a very casual couple fished for barramundi on the barrage.
See if you can pick him in the middle of the photo.

And they caught one!  A barramundi that is.

They were very game... the crocs were only about fifty meters away from the causeway they were fishing from. Certainly not for these little black ducks!

We couldn't go any further across the barrage as it marks the entry to Arnhem Land and you need a special permit to cross.

After that we drove a couple more kilometers to Ubirr which is the most amazing, spiritual place. Aboriginal art...three to four thousand years old.
We climbed 250 metres to the Nardab lookout to see the most spectacular views. The photos just don't do it justice. It was the most amazing panorama and the small crowd up there was silent.. an almost reverent hush.

On the way home the sandstone rocks lit by the setting sun necessitated about ten photo stops.

Then back to the campsite to cook dinner and across to the pool area to watch Crocodile Dundee in the open air. We wanted to see the local scenery but got there too late!
Tomorrow Jim Jim Falls.. stay tuned.

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