Saturday, 22 June 2013

The countdown begins and the preparation continues

From this

to this
Seven more sleeps and we leave our paradise beach side location to travel to and explore another type of Australian paradise.
We have just passed the winter solstice and the weather, even on the mid north coast of NSW is very cold.. We are avidly watching the weather reports for Darwin every morning and looking forward to the 32 degrees they are still enjoying in the day time. 
Coincidentally , the book I am writing at the moment is set in Glastonbury, and revolves around the summer solstice!

The camper trailer is almost packed and my list of lists is almost ticked off. The fishing gear is packed, the food is bought and the plastic crates are full.

The house sitters from the UK, Katy and Jason,  arrive shortly and are looking forward to meeting Bob and the  cats. I think our pets are going to be quite spoiled while we are travelling.

We still have to apply for  permits to travel across Aboriginal land in the Northern Territory but apart from that we are well organised and keen to leave.

The fishing trip fifty miles off Darwin is booked and paid for. They will be photos to look forward to!

So lots of material for my next outback novel is already is already percolating!

I think this week is going to go veeeery slowly.

Stay tuned for the first report of our travel when we set off next weekend.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

We survived...

Day 2...Practice camp

We arrive for our practice camp!

And the camper trailer went up without heading for divorce!
The putting up.
I am now sitting snug in a lovely soft bed atop our new camper trailer writing my first post.
Albeit a practice camp!

The feather doona is cosy and the mattress topper meant a good night's sleep...or it could have been the celebratory champagne shared with our first visitors. The sweet, aspiring medieval history writer Elle Fynllay and her lovely hubby, came down for dinner.

I would love to tell you about  the kitchen  in the trailer (we have a purpose built Drifta kitchen which swings out in the tailgate) and how I cooked up a sumptuous feast.
A  cute little bunny visits after all is complete.

But...ah...once the champagne was drunk, the four of us headed across the road to the Riverview Hotel and enjoyed an excellent meal.

Back to the campsite, bid farewell to our friends and in bed by 8.30!

We have joined the grey nomads in more ways then one.

My new kitchen for the outback!
And we entertained in style!


Buy more lights so we can read in bed!
Open a window when we are sleeping to reduce condensation
Drink less champagne and wine at dinner!


Friday, 14 June 2013

The house is in chaos. Piles of clothes, blankets, towels in the midst of camping fridge, plastic crates and assorted paraphernalia!
Will we be organised for our practice camp tomorrow?
Hmm...not looking good.
Especially when the man of the house just disappeared with a fishing rod!