Saturday, 15 June 2013

We survived...

Day 2...Practice camp

We arrive for our practice camp!

And the camper trailer went up without heading for divorce!
The putting up.
I am now sitting snug in a lovely soft bed atop our new camper trailer writing my first post.
Albeit a practice camp!

The feather doona is cosy and the mattress topper meant a good night's sleep...or it could have been the celebratory champagne shared with our first visitors. The sweet, aspiring medieval history writer Elle Fynllay and her lovely hubby, came down for dinner.

I would love to tell you about  the kitchen  in the trailer (we have a purpose built Drifta kitchen which swings out in the tailgate) and how I cooked up a sumptuous feast.
A  cute little bunny visits after all is complete.

But...ah...once the champagne was drunk, the four of us headed across the road to the Riverview Hotel and enjoyed an excellent meal.

Back to the campsite, bid farewell to our friends and in bed by 8.30!

We have joined the grey nomads in more ways then one.

My new kitchen for the outback!
And we entertained in style!


Buy more lights so we can read in bed!
Open a window when we are sleeping to reduce condensation
Drink less champagne and wine at dinner!



  1. Annie this looks amazing!! How absolutely wonderful! Which I could do it too. But I think you should continue on with the champagne ;)

  2. Or definitely stock up on head ache tablets!!!!
    By the way I was breathalysed early the next day. Don't know how I got passed that one.
    Lovely little camper, Annie

  3. Not on the way to church, Elle?

  4. Thanks Jennifer for visiting... perhaps Elle's advice is the best!

  5. Well done, guys! You're beating us by about a year! We plan to become Grey Nomads about then too! Maybe we'll meet up on the road somewhere!

  6. looks like a good set up but yay for pubs across the road