Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Roads, more roads and a happy camper

The Australian outback is truly an arid landscape. Today we spent  eight hours on the road and travelled over 600 kilometers from Longreach to Mt Isa.

The road is straight and long.... and takes you through the most desolate landscape. Hot and dry with only spinifex grass and the occasional tree. It is beautiful in a different way.

One happy camper!

Toward the end of the day we came into the low hills surrounding Mt Isa and beautiful white ghost gums

The powered site we were allocated was too small for our tiny trailer so we decided to move to an unpowered site over on the grass.

We are becoming quite expert n the setting up and before much time had passed we were  happy campers having a cup of tea and one of Aunty Maureen's ANZAC biscuits.
Then we got the bad news.. The friends we were meeting up with in Katherine on Sunday are heading home after a mishap which resulted in the writing off of their camper trailer and boat. Nobody was hurt so all is well.
So tonight is our first night without power or water.... and of course the battery on the camping light had gone flat. Luckily we had two back ups so there is light!
Internet connection is dodgy so today's photos will have to wait!
Tomorrow we head for Barkly homestead roadhouse in the Northern Territory
P.S. Forgot to mention we are also becoming experts in packing up. Twelve minutes from beginning to pack up and driving off this morning.

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