Saturday, 20 July 2013

Rock climbing, billabongs and water buffalo

The best laid plans... by the time we got organised this morning, we decided it was too late to make the trek down to Jim Jim and Twin Falls so we headed off just before lunch to Nourlangie Rock via the Bowali Visitor Centre. Another day of  amazing sights and experiencing the spiritual pull of Aboriginal Australia

Some great exhibitions including the snake... I was just saying today we haven't seen one in the wild and I hope that is not tempting fate. Then we headed off to Nourlangie via Anbangbang Billabong with more stops on the way to take photos of the spectacular sandstone escarpment that runs the eastern length of Kakadu..
 The billabong was full of birds and magpie geese with the obligatory crocodile warning. This billabong was well sign posted with a 2.5 km walk around the edge but we opted for rock climbing instead.
For Trsih and's Arthur again!

Anbangbang Billabong

From the billabong

So onto Nourlangie and the art works and the view. There were coaches in the car park and many cars but somehow we managed to do the whole walk without seeing anyone else. The pictures speak better than any words I can write. It was the most amazing place.
The climb was moderately steep and lucky Ian had the backpack with the iPad and all the water. My thighs are still screaming from climbing Ubirr yesterday.. I knew we should have gone into training before we left!
It was so hot, I even wore a hat which as those of you who know me wwll know, is most unusual!

Then we climbed to Gunwarrdehwarrde Lookout and the views and the rock formations were spectacular.

From here we headed onto a 5km of four wheel drive track to Sandy Creek and Sandy Billabong which had been recommended to us by Bernie and Marg Gosling (from the Nambucca Valley!) This billabong was just what we were expecting at Kakadu. Full of bird life, saw my first Jabiru and even a pelican. Absolutely deserted and we had it all to ourselves. I was a bit wary of snakes and crocodiles walking through the spikey grass to the edge and the barrier fence to keep crocs out was a it off putting.
Sandy Creek..looks like good fishing

Four wheel  driving
A fence in the middle of stop the crocodiles!

A Jabiru feeding in Sandy Billabong
Beware of crocs! Signs everywhere
The pictures cannot convey the absolute quiet, the pristine environment and the searing heat which saps your energy,  considering it is the middle of winter up here on the Territory.
Safely back in the car after braving the threat of crocodiles on the edge of the billabong, and snakes in the long grass, we were taken aback to see a sign warning of a rampaging bull buffalo which had been spotted in the locality.
If I had seen that sign first, you would not have seen any of these photos and I would have stayed safely in the car!
Tomorrow  we will do Jim Jim and Twin Falls. Over fifty kilometers on a four wheel drive track. Should be interesting.

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  1. Intrepid adventurers indeed! It looks stunning. Can understand why you're extending your time up there. Wonder how long those 50 kms will feel by the end of the day? Enjoy!