Saturday, 27 July 2013

Relaxation and red dust

Not a lot to report this weekend...
We left Mataranka Homestead early, without even a shower...the amenities were so bad.  A quick breakfast of tea and toast in the dark, surrounded by more kangaroos.A very quick pack up and we were out of there. One hundred and sixty kilometers down the Stuart Highway and then a left turn  at the Hi Way Inn (which made the most delicious bacon and egg sandwiches!)
Again we were served by the obligatory Irish back backers! The whole youth of Ireland must be in the outback!
We set off travel the three hundred and eight kilometers to Borroloola on a single lane highway
before  we go on the dirt track of the Savannah Way to travel to the east coast (And green grass and white sand!)
On the way we passed a road train loaded with cattle and then came to a property where they were mustering by helicopter. It was surreal to see the stockmen sitting in the middle of battered and dusty utes and small helicopters having smoko.

We are both very much over red dust. It is in everything, including my trusty laptop.

Settled into Borrollola and spent a relaxing morning reading (in the red dust)
before we head out for a fish on the McArthur River this afternoon.
The bad news is ... we have been told the Savannah Way is too treacherous to travel east on and we are going to have to backtrack  a few hundred kilometers to get back to the east coast. Twenty mishaps with vehicles, caravans and camper trailers this week alone so we are going to choose safety over scenery.

We will report in from our next stop...who knows where!

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