Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Sunset in the tropics

Not a lot to report today.
Visited the Casuarina shopping centre.. the largest in the NT for essential supplies. ie more shorts!
Missed Kevin Rudd by one day.. he was there kissing babies yesterday!

A very lazy day which finished with a trip to the Darwin waterfront and the awesome wave pool. Lovely park lands with lots of backpackers with severe cases of sunburn still soaking up the sun. Ouch.

Then we wandered over to Cullen Bay with Allan and Jenny to watch the most spectacular sunset.
Fish and chips on the Timor Sea.... oh... and wine of course!

The photos tell it all!
And the sunset...

Tomorrow.. THE fishing trip!
Stay posted.


  1. Was that spectacular sunset at Mindle Beach? They have great markets there too!

  2. Enjoy the fishing trip, by the way! Gary & Rhonda's son, Preston, used to run a fishing charter - I wonder if he still does! Wouldn't that be a coincidence if that's who's doing yours!?!