Saturday, 27 June 2015

More fishing at Karumba

On our last day at Karumba, we woke to a beautiful calm day and headed off to the boat ramp for our half day fishing charter.
Up before sunrise
The tours were heavily booked. Both the Kerry D boats went out, and we were part of a group of three couples. Denise and Rex were from Grafton, and  Maria and David from Rockhampton. After four hours of fishing and two hours of fish cleaning, we were the best of mates!
If you want a fabulous fishing charter with a great skipper, head for Karumba and go with Paul of Kerry D fame.

The skipper took us out to the sand island where we had been the night before for our dinner cruise, but the tide was on the way in and the island was soon covered  by water. We fished for bream and they came on thick and fast! In between pulling fish in and baiting up and casting, we were mesmerised by the bird life on the island. Thousands of red-necked stints about to head to Siberia, took to the air while we were watching. An awesome sight..I took dozens of photos.
A variety of bird life

Red necked stints

Thousands of them

An the pelicans too

More stints

The tide came in until there was no island the the pelicans were the  last to leave
A glorious day on the water..but the pelicans had to move when the island was covered by the incoming tide

The pictures tell it all about the fishing....
Catching bream

Trolling for mackerel

Most of the crew

Captain Paul... supervising Maria

Serious fishing

Success... Rex and Ian

Fish for dinner

All in all a top day out with the Kerry D... you can find them here...

Of course... a day at Karumba woiuld not be complete without a sunset...
Our last sunset at Karumba

So onward to the east... we departed the next morning unsure of our destination... we decided to drive till we wanted to stop! Would it be Croydon, Georgetown, Mt. Surprise or Undarra?.... wait for the next instalment to see where we ended up and got a huge surprise!

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