Saturday, 13 June 2015

The jeweller wore thongs...

We spent an easy day today....
The view from our camper
Before breakfast I wandered along the lakeside as the photographic opportunities here are all times of the day. The sun is up at 5.30, but we still haven't adjusted to the small two hour time difference!

Morning reflection
We got ourselves organised, emailed the next planned stop, ready to leave tomorrow before we headed off into the small township of Kununurra to the markets.
Fabulous shopping, some collector's items, and a great selection of organic soaps, insect repellents...and a few presents for those holding the fort back at home.
We sat in the park and had a morning coffee with a chance met couple from Coolum, before we headed fourteen kilometres west and ran into them again at the Sandalwood Factory!

Before we left town I was very spoiled. We  we went to the Kimberley Fine Diamond store and I   chose a pink diamond (a small one!) for my birthday!
The diamond store and the jeweller in rubber thongs! This is the west!
Check out the guy waiting outside..he is the jeweller who set the stone into the setting I chose and we collected it an hour later.
In the store, the most expensive item we saw was a necklace with a pink diamond...$386,000 dollars! The prices of the larger stones were incredible.
Back to camp and an afternoon of reading and clearing email before we headed lakeside with a wine.

 This is what grey nomads do all over the country at sunset...

 Kununurra put on another lovely sunset for our last night there. Definitely some canvases coming up when we get home.

Evening reflection

Tomorrow we head east again...

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