Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Mad dogs and Englishmen...and Aussies!

Our destination...
Before we left home, the kids gave me a Fit Bit for my birthday so I could record how far we walk on our current trip. The internet connection hasn't been good enough to download the software and get it up and running, but I really wished I'd had it going today.

We set off mid morning to walk to Mataranka Falls...not realising that it would get to 35 degrees while we were walking in the soft red sand along the Roper River. Luckily we had packed lots of water before we set off.

The first kilometre or so was along a shaded path by the river and we saw more termite mounds and golden orb spider webs as well as walking through a pretty grotto full of black butterflies.

After a couple more kilometres the track became dry and rocky and unshaded...and HOT!

The rocky path begins

It took about an hour and a half to walk the four kilometres in ...after the dry and rocky path, we had to push our way through the fallen pandanus palm fronds that littered the river bank from the last wet season but the view of the falls and the swimming hole were well worth the long and hot walk.

Mataranka Falls

The swimming hole near the falls

Sometimes it's hard to believe the beauty you find in the middle of the dry and dusty outback...

When we headed back to the camp site...hot and dry, we enjoyed the company of some peacocks as we had lunch.

Off to Tennant Creek tomorrow... till Karumba...

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