Monday, 15 June 2015

Mataranka and Bitter Springs

Yesterday we travelled from Kununurra back across the WA border to Katherine. Almost 600 kms in a day. We've stayed in the park at Katherine before, but this visit we were late in and got a site on fine red dirt. Not a blade of grass to be seen.
We now have red feet, red shoes and the matting for the camper and the annexe is red! However, it was a nice private site but we soon discovered the proximity to the  bush...required the Bushman's insect spray and citronella candles to come out of the camper.

We woke up late this is amazing how hard it is to get used to the three different time zones and different times for sun rise and sunset. We decided to head back to Mataranka and give it a second chance as our visit a couple of years ago was disappointing. We rolled into the Territory Camp ground mid morning and quickly set up camp in thirty-five degree heat. Love it!

And soon had a visit from a curious brolga.

A fellow camper in Kununurra had told us about the amazing pie shop so we travelled the 2 kms into town and paid $16 for 2 huge meat pies. A very healthy (not) lunch! A siesta was required for the male camper of the party while I cleared my email, and then we headed off down to Bitter Springs. Only five kilometres from the camp ground, past the requisite termite mounds that are everywhere here in the NT!

Once we pulled up n the full car park, we wandered through a topical paradise to reach the thermal springs.

 Mrs Jeannie Gunn in We of the Never Never described the springs as  "a chain of clear crystal pools with emerald-green, mossy banks and everywhere  sun flecked, warm, dry shade."

It was absolutely beautiful, and as warm as a tepid bath. Ian jumped n and let the current take him down to the next bridge, and I pottered around in the pool.

Floating down the creek

The pool at Bitter Springs

It was warm enough for me to get in!

Two days rest here at the park, with a couple of visits to the pool each day before we head south to Tennant Creek and then across to Queensland to spend the weekend in the Gulf of Carpentaria at Karumba. Ian is determined to catch that elusive barramundi.

Wait for the sunset photos from Karumba!
Until then....

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