Thursday, 2 June 2016

The rest of Week 1

On Tuesday morning we packed up and headed north to Hervey Bay...but first
here are the rest of the photos from the Mooloolaba and Brisbane visits.
A glorious sunset on the way back to the Sunshine coast

Taken from the car at 100 km per hour!

Thelma, Aunty Maureen,  and Anne..Aunty Maureen is a huge supporter of Australian authors. Check out her bookshelves.  I smiled, special treatment for Kakadu Sunset. it is in a brown paper bag for dust protection!

A visit to the Kombi and surfboard show. Fundraising for farmers in Central Queensland affected by drought

Ian's birthday lunch with cousins and friends
The new van set up at Mooloolaba
Ian's birthday lunch venue
The view from the restaurant
As we travelled north on Tuesday we were dismayed to see how dry the landscape was. The rain event forecast for this weekend is much needed there.
Travelling through Maryborough was nostalgic... I love the old Queenslanders.

An original Queenslander in Maryborough
Fraser Island from Point Vernon

 We settled into our new home the Sun Lodge Park at Point Vernon and headed off to visit more cousins! You can tell I am from Queensland... family everywhere!

Lots of sightseeing: Hervey Bay has changed so much since I went there for holidays as a small child on the sixties! The bay is still beautiful and so calm. We looked out to Fraser Island and remembered the great time we had there on a visit a few holidays back.

Dinner with  Leanne and Bill in their beautiful new house on Tuesday night and then off to the pub at Urangan on Wednesday to meet Uncle Col, and Janice and Ian. More cousins! A fabulous few hours spent reminiscing.
The view of Urangan pier and the beautiful bay from lunch

More cousins and the wonderful Uncle Col at the end of the table

Thursday... we were up bright and early to travel to River Heads to meet fellow author Helene Young and her husband Graham, and spend the day sailing across to Fraser Island. Unfortunately there was no wind... although lots of dark skies.

A fabulous day spent on the water: great company, great food...including home made scones and bread, baked on Roobinesque ... their 48 ft catamaran.

Anne on Roobinesque

How many captains? Ian, Helene and Graham on the beautiful Roobi

A portent of things to come... bad weather heading this way for the weekend

Fraser Island...North White Cliffs where we moored for the day
Home made scones baked on Roobinesque by Helene! Yum!
Carol Linsley... I always think of you as we drive through Childers! What a great trip we had together in 2000.
 On Friday morning we bid farewell to Hervey Bay and headed north in search of warmth! We had our usual stop in Gin Gin to have the best cream buns in Australia for morning tea..and annual traction and were devastated to find they were not as good as usual! Only a three hour drive to Lake Awoonga, and a quick set up in a lovely site over looking the lake. We were immediately surrounded by bird life!
Two visitors to welcome us as we set up the van

Stay posted for the next report from Lake Awoonga. Hopefully the
 bad weather won't come this far north.

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