Monday, 30 May 2016

Our first week

So on a bright and sunny Friday morning we hit the road north in Owen, our brand spanking new A-Van. The theory was that it would be an exciting start, but the minor surgery that Ian had on his finger the day before made it a difficult trip. We decided to head 600 kms north straight to Mooloolaba where we were meeting up with friends to save one overnight stop.
By the time we arrived and set up the van, Ian  was ready for painkillers, dinner and bed!
Westerly sky in NSW

New road at Byron

Country scene Northern NSW
The trip north past the cane fields of Northern NSW is always pretty and the stiff westerly breeze  provided some pretty clouds high in a bright blue sky. The new road near Byron Bay replaced the old winding road and the new tunnel at St Helena almost made up for the loss of the view from the top of the old highway over the Byron Bay coastline
New tunnel at St Helena

We settled onto our site our Mooloolaba and had an early night. Unfortunately we read the trip advisor reviews too late... a thumping night club beat from across the road till 2am!
But a very late sleep in on Saturday helped regain the holiday relaxed mood.
A wander around Mooloolaba... 
Morning at Mooloolaba

Great opportunities for photography

Looking east to the Pacific
and then over to catch up with our friends, Steve and Wendy, at Sharyn's house to plan the birthday celebration on Monday for Ian! Sharyn's house is gorgeous and we enjoyed being shown around and meeting her two beautiful grand daughters. The littlies are planning a pink party for Uncle I-an.

Sunday we went for a long walk and I was pleased when the Fit Bit buzzed in at 10,000 steps for the day. We visited the Kombi and surfboard show in town and then drove to Brisbane to visit Aunty M, and more cousins!

So Monday was spent in birthday celebrations. Lunch for ten with my cousins, David and Rose, and Diane, and more friends, John and Annie who drove up from the Gold Coast.
A very social day and a late night ... lunch and dinner out... we blew the travel budget!
Stay posted for the Sunday and Monday photos!

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