Thursday, 23 June 2016

Beautiful Rollingstone Beach Resort

You may have wondered why we have been so quiet this week. 
The picture above says it all... that is where we camped for the last five days. We left Airlie Beach and headed north to Rollingstone Beach, 60 kilometres north of Townsville.  A camping spot that we will be sure to return to. Our van backed onto the beach and we listened to the sounds of the waves lapping the sand as we drifted off to sleep each night. We met up with our longtime friends, Christine and Peter Toth, and had a very relaxing time. Walking, reading, eating, drinking and laughing for five days.
Our campsite on the edge of the beach

The beach there was beautiful and Ian and Peter spent a lot of time fishing and putting out crab traps. A few small fish were caught, but alas no crabs.

The highlight of the week was barracking for the maroons (me) in the outdoor bar as we watched the second state of origin on the big screen.

Fun with the Tothies!

Fishing, fishing, fishing

Great scenery

Relaxation plus

Are there crocodiles?

Great walks every day
One of the best things...and you know I love them...were the sunrises, sunsets and a spectacular moon rise!

The colours of the beach were amazing as the tide went out (A LONG way) and the sunset lit up the rocks.

The setting sun also made us look red! But that could have been the time we spent in the sun.

Watching the boys fish!
Watch out for crocodiles!

A very enjoyable few days... the pictures tell it all.  We've now packed up and moved back to Airlie Beach... stay posted for the fishing charter reports and photos!


  1. Fabulous photos! Looks like you found Paradise!

  2. A friend works at that caravan park - I've been there several times. A lovely spot. Great photos!