Thursday, 1 August 2013

Soft breezes, cloudy days and sugar cane fields.

Wednesday night we spent the night in a cabin in a caravan park in Townsville as we had a very early car service the next day and we both missed our little home on wheels! A five hour service of the trusty rodeo ute and we headed north to Cardwell.

We were very disappointed with the crowded (like sardines in a tin) caravan parks at Cardwell so we meandered down the coast until we reached Taylor's Beach south of Lucinda. We travelled through sugar cane fields  views of the beautiful Hinchinbrook Island and Passage out of the window.

We have found the perfect caravan park at Taylor's Beach, an unknown little fishing village on the southern end of the mainland near Hinchinbrook Channel.
It is so pretty and quiet we have settled in for a week and put up the annex and unpacked.
Now for the fish...

Two hundred and fifty meters from our camp spot is this channel which is reported to be full of fish and you can even catch mackerel from the bank!

The fisherman  is out rigging up lines and rods as I type.

This morning we went to Lucinda and saw the five kilometer pier of the bulk sugar terminal. Very impressive.

We'll report in again when we catch fish...

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  1. Fish and sugar cane...I hope your culinary skills can come up with a recipe to combine them!

    A friend hails from this part of Qld and has been telling us for several years we must visit her there. Seeing these gorgeous photos, I'm certain we will be!