Sunday, 11 August 2013

A brush with luxury...

Another four days has passed since we last reported in. We have been hobnobbing with the rich and famous over on the exclusive six star international resort of Hayman Island . (Actually not only did we not see anyone rich and famous... we didn't really see anyone at was very quiet and private)
We arrived in Airlie Beach and spent Thursday reacquainting ourselves with our favourite little town. We set off on a long walk and headed off to Abel Point Marina. Ian wanted to trade in his Cumberland Charter Yachts cap which he's had for quite a few years. The marina staff were fascinated by the age (and state) of it. We wandered around drooling over the multi million dollar yachts
Abel Point Marina

After the marina, we walked through the foreshore area where they have built a huge lagoon pool overlooking the bay.

We picked up a great standby deal and headed off on Friday morning for two days and nights on the luxury launch that ferries the guests over to Hayman Island. The wind was blowing really hard and the sea was very rough.

But it was worth the rough trip when we arrived . 
It is the most beautiful place with manicured gardens

Look at the view from our room! Over the Coral Sea and the pool that is bigger than seven Olympic swimming pools.

The view from our room

We spent two days soaking up the good life...eating, drinking, sailing, walking, sleeping and reading.

And of course the fish feeding...where we met Jacko the 200 kg groper that arrived to be hand fed each morning.
Fish feeding

And we climbed to the lookout on the top of the island to see the most amazing view of the Whitsunday Passage. We have been blessed with great weather the whole trip. One cloudy day in almost seven weeks.
Whitsunday Lookout

A smooth trip  across to Shute Harbour this morning back to the camper trailer!
Smooth sailing today

Our little camper trailer was waiting patiently for us to return. It was nice to be 'home'

Till tomorrow...

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