Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Rest and relaxation as the trek comes to a close

I just realised I haven't posted for four days.
No, we're not lost in the tropics... we have been chilling and relaxing as a  return to normality creeps closer... so reporting in about the last four days below.

We did lots of reading and went for a drive into Lucinda to charge the battery to keep the fridge going in the back of the ute. The views across to Hinchinbrook Island are gorgeous.

Ian found a fisherman to chat to as well!

While I enjoyed the sunshine...which there has been lots of. In almost seven weeks, we have had only one cloudy day and one night of rain. It is going to be a shock to go back to winter, but reports of good weather at home are encouraging. I haven't been game to look at New Zealand weather as I am flying out to a writers' conference in Wellington as soon as we get home. Hmm. August in Wellington? Very different to the picture below perhaps.

 Being on an unpowered site has not been too difficult.. Having the second battery has been fabulous. Charging lights and laptops as we go!
We have enjoyed spending time with Bob and Dell from Tassie and Ian and Bob are off on a charter tomorrow. We also befriended Kathy and Tim from Newcastle.. and discovered mutual acquaintances. It is truly a small world. So a night of wine around the campsite with the midges. We are both covered in bites and had to resort to a trip to the pharmacy for insect bite salve.

Ian and Bob headed off for the big barra adventure with Crackajack Sport Fishing Adventures.  A great day with a fabulous guide.
Hooked but didn't manage to land some good size barra. They caught some sooty grunter and Ian got smashed by a mangrove jack.

And off they go...

 Ian was surprised by the many crocodiles in the water and on the banks of the Herbert River. They travelled seventeen kilometres up into the fresh and the crocodiles were all the way. Alas no photos. The crocs disappeared as oon as the boat came close, very different to Kakadu posing crocodiles.

As for me? I spent the day editing. A deadline loomed for my November book and unfortunately I had to spend a brilliant sunny day hunched over the laptop. It was quite amusing...when the battery ran out, I adjourned to the park laundry and wrote while it charged. I doubt if many romance novels have been written in the Taylor's Beach Caravan Park laundry.

As the fish were catch and release, we headed back to Lucinda for bought fish and chips for dinner after we had packed up the camp to get away in the morning. Ian rolls his eyes at my choice of drink. I love my Queensland sarsparilla. Brings back my childhood!

We packed up and left about ten, excited to be heading to one of our favorite places in the world...Airlie Beach in the beautiful Whitsunday region. The trip was very slow, roadworks all the way and we passed a huge convoy of army trucks heading north.  We couldn't believe it when we stopped for morning tea one hundred kilometers into the trip and parked at Balgal Beach next to Tim and Kathy, who we'd met a couple of days ago. It is a small world.
Then onto the Whitsundays...

The view over Abel Point Marina out to the islands is gorgeous. I could live here!
We should be sailing!

One relaxed fisherman!

We now have a great tropical campsite set up. Very different from the days of red dust.

Five days of exploring lies ahead...
Until next post...

Postscript! We are off to Hayman Island for two days on a standby!

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