Sunday, 13 July 2014

Mossman Gorge

After visiting the Daintree we headed off on the Monday to explore more of the Daintree forest at Mossman Gorge. The Mossman Gorge Centre is the gateway to Mossman Gorge and is a new indigenous ecotourism development.
The boardwalk at Mossman Gorge led to a four kilometre walk through the forest, a walk in the park after out 12 kilometre walk in Carnarvon Gorge
I overcame my fear of heights and crossed a suspension bridge
Many visitors make the trip to Mossman Gorge every year to take in the beauty of its pristine rainforest, cool streams, towering mountains and the dramatic Gorge and to receive the warm welcome of the local Kuku Yalanji people.
It was a fabulous experience as the photos below show...
Playing with the new camera and taking photos of more trees much to Ian's amusement

 Considered by many to be the evolutionary cradle for much of Australia’s plant and wildlife species, the forest has managed to survive for over 135 million years and, with the right protection, is expected to thrive for generations to come.
The trees are amazing...

Spectacular crystal clear , but cold, swimming hole
Many of the trees have signs telling of their bush tucker properties

The end of another adventurous day and back to the camp site for  dinner and to be entertained by the resident peacock once more.

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